Visiting the Sloth Center in Portland
Visiting the Sloth Center in Portland

Always have time for a three-toed friend.

I was born and raised in Texas, an indoor child who doodled on every flat surface, occasionally had an iguana, and watched wildlife documentaries on VHS. I dreamed of being a vet until I realized they only see sick animals, and that is sad.

When I was 16, I opted to study advertising. This decision was based mostly on my love of Rolling Stone magazine and the ads inside it. It’s now been over a decade since I started working in this industry.

Now, I have a demanding wheaten terrier (thousands of photos available upon request), I travel whenever possible and I continue to amazed by the talented people I meet and the creativity I see.


  • The future of retail
  • Travel & tourism
  • Pop music
  • Skincare regimens
  • Yoga & meditation
  • Immersive experiences (branded and otherwise)
  • Technology (especially self-driving cars)
  • Celebrity memoirs
  • LGBTQ marketing & representation
  • Digital and physical design
  • Competitive baking shows

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