People say I have a calming presence. Sloths agree.


I was born and raised in Texas, a doodling child with large hair and many pets. I dreamed of being a vet until I realized they only see sick animals, and that is sad.

So, when I was 16, I decided to study advertising. This decision was based mostly on my love of Rolling Stone. It was, at the time, so revered and everything inside of it, even the ads, felt so important.

Flash forward 15 years, and it’s now been over a decade since I started working in advertising. First as a copywriter, now as a creative director.

Notable Facts & Achievements

  • To continue the animal theme, I have a wheaten terrier named Georgie.
  • I love it when people are crazy, crazy fans of things.
  • My sweet tooth knows no bounds.
  • Melbourne, Barcelona, Santa Fe and DC are a few of my favorite places.
  • I read the New Yorker, memoirs and anything about technology, nutrition, pop culture and psychology.
  • This is my favorite piece in my portfolio.

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